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Hot Male Escort for Anyone! - 25 (Columbus, OH)

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Date: 2009-01-21, 10:25AM EST

Tired of showing up to places alone? Single or not, straight or gay, everyone needs some companionship, or at least someone to show off. Are you a gay man perhaps who wants to go out with a young tight-assed fresh out of college escort? A single woman who wants to go out dancing or clubbing and get her back rubbed and feet massaged? Maybe you are just looking for someone to go to a banquet with, or a friends party, whatever you need I got it. I can play the role of boyfriend, lover, friend, boy toy, cougar bait, you name it. Keep in mind, this is a professional escort service and not a prostitution service. Everything is kept strictly confidential, and prices are negotiated based on the services wanted.


Cougar Bait - wouldn't that make an awesome band name?? Oh, and this guy is a total hack....he doesn't look anything like the guy in the picture NOR did he come to my office party wearing the proper attire.....I mean at least that's what someone told me.

* Beirut - 'My Night With The Prostitute In Marseilles'

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