Girl Talk

Girl Talk shows are like 90 minute love songs to music freaks. In other words, SO MUCH FUN! Greg Gillis is my hero. The guy is making a living doing what he loves...basically playing other people's music as loudly as he can. Not that I don't think he is talented, because I think he is a mad genius. But to get to do what you love...and get paid for it? Such a beautiful thing.

I had to endure what had to be two of THE worst opening bands in the history of live music. The first was a horrible rap duo out of Cleveland. Two frat looking guys who rapped over really bad 80's like synth beats. The 'highlight' of their set was the witty stage banter. Before leaving the stage one of the guys said "Girl Talk is coming on later and he is going to blow this place up like Al Qaeda. " What? But as bad as they were, Hearts Of Darknesses were worse. That is no typo. There name is really Hearts of DarknessES. And they hurt my ears. Awful. After that was Grand Buffet from Pittsburgh. Two more rapping white guys, but these white guys were great. I had seen them before a couple of times and they are always a blast. I was happy to see them win over a crowd who had been worn down by the previous two acts and JUST wanted Girl Talk to start.

Girl Talk was just brilliant. It's like the world's coolest mix tape springing to life right in front of you. Just a beautiful collage of many awesome tracks laid down on top of so many awesome tracks. And the people watching was off of the charts. One third rave kids, one third affected hipsters, and one third hard core music junkies...all losing themselves in one hell of a party.

* Girl Talk - 'Smash Your Head' MP3

* Grand Buffet - 'Benjamin Franklin Music' MP3

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