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CALIFORNIA RAISINS- 4 Figures-COOL - $5 (cols./Hilliard)

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Date: 2009-01-22, 11:23PM EST

Remember these guys? The California Raisins. There are 4 of them as pictured. 5.00 for all. Please email if you have any questions. Thanks


"Please email if you have any questions." OK...I have a question. Are you seriously selling statues of the California raisins?? And in reference to your ad's title, NO...these are not cool...they weren't cool in 1985 when they were at least topical. And it irks me that your vote counts just as much as mine in every single election. That is all.

Wow...those raisins really got my ire up!! I guess it's been a long week here :-)

* Mates Of State - 'California'(Phantom Planet cover) MP3

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