I hate to be around her when she's like that

First of all, shame on CNN for attempting to kill the only bit of joy that may actually come from an office holiday party - that one guy/girl who drinks way too much and makes a huge spectacle of themselves - buy posting this article. It's bad enough that I have to attend these things every year, please don't attempt to kill off the one last hope of them actually being somewhat enjoyable.

I dated THIS girl. For like 6 months...but lucky for me, it was over the holiday season. So she gave two standout performances in drunken behavior, one at my office party, and one at hers. Once she started the drinking process, I immediately had to quit so I could accurately monitor her intake...knowing full well that even an ounce too many could mean the difference between her just quietly passing out, or doing really bad, vaguely insulting impressions of her co-workers...most likely while topless.

I think of her every time I go to one of these things, and I wonder who she is torturing now. Poor guy, I feel your pain. Oh, this year's office shindig is dry....i will not be attending.

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