Everyone Chooses Sides

Here we have yet another example of my mental illness/musical obsession. I was doing some things around the house, with music on of course, and during the Hold Steady song 'Barfruit Blues' the word Meadowlands is mentioned...my mind somehow instantly linked that to the fact that I haven't listened to The Wrens amazing 'Meadowlands' album in far too long.

The Wrens - 'Everyone Chooses Sides' MP3

2 Response to "Everyone Chooses Sides"

  • Anonymous Says:

    blair you are the best. every day i try & log in as early as i can so i can get your selections before the bandwidth is exceeded.

    thanks for all the great stuff.

  • Blair Says:

    Hahaha!! Yeah, i run a pretty amateur operation here! Someday I am going to bite the bullet and pay for a hosting service...til then, i use the free ones, with bandwidth limits...seriously though, if I ever post something and you can't get it...just comment or email me...I'll send ya the song.

    THanks for stopping by