Still Crooked

OK, so yesterday I posted a song from Crooked Still's 2006 release, 'Shaken By A Low Sound', and last night I made a point to stop by one of the last real record stores in town(remember how much fun buying records used to be?) and picked up their brand new set of songs, the brilliantly titled 'Still Crooked.'

Since the last album came out, the band has lost a cello player(boo!) and gained a fiddle player(yay!). But the overall spirit of the band and their beautiful collective sound is still very much in place. I think I could listen to vocalist Aoife O'Donnovan(she is also in the band Wayfaring Strangers) sing just about anything and be more than content for hours on end.

Here is one of my favorites from the new record, a beautiful song...

Crooked Still - 'Undone In Sorrow' MP3

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