'Bring It On'..Ten years on

Gomez's debut record, 'Bring It On', was recently re-released in a new a 10yr anniversary edition. To this day, I still may have to put this album in my all time top 10 list. I still remember where I was the first time I heard it. I became great friends with a German exchange student my senior year in high school, and we got into the habit(one that I am sad to say we grew out of) of making each other mix cd's and mailing them back and forth, over the Atlantic. This was in the early days of the world wide web, mind you...so Napster wasn't HUGE yet and it was a lot harder to discover new stuff than it is now. Anyway, I was sitting in my tiny closet of an apartment on Norwich Avenue when the package came. One CD was a random mix, the other was a burnt copy of Gomez's 'Bring It On.'

I knew that Tobias must have really loved this band to send me the whole album. I put it in immediately, and I was blown away. Those voices. Those songs. They didn't sound like ANY British band I had ever heard before...sure, there are hints of the Beatles in there, the best parts, but it was strikingly original. It was most definitely love at first listen. And although I have followed the band since, they have never come close to mesmerizing me with the sonic gold that was on that first record.

So, I just wanted to get my official love of this record up in blog form...and say thanks to Gomez the hours of unadulterated, pure pleasure that "Bring It On' has brought me.

Gomez - 'Get Miles' MP3

Gomez - 'Tijuana Lady' MP3

Gomez - 'Bubble Gum Years' MP3

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