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The night I never said I love you......... - m4w (Ohio)

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Date: 2008-11-25, 2:01PM EST

As we locked eyes last night I became coated in a heavy layer of sadness. Through my own self driven fantasies I had come to believe you were the grail at the end of my lifelong quest for happiness. Yet as I stood there I realized your heart really belongs to someone else. And while he may have shattered it, you would rather it lay there in pieces on the ground, never to be touched by another man. So much for my delusion of mending it and keeping it for my own. Therefore this ocean of feelings that flows deep inside me will remain there - buried and hidden from you and the world. For you nothing will change, as never having the knowledge that I felt anything means ingorance that it isn't there. I will slink back into the shadows of your life, cheering and applauding you every step of the way. In time I hope the waves I hear roaring inside me right now will dissipate into a pitter patter, barely noticeable to me and easily dismissed. I am here as always, your friend and nothing more.


Saddest. Missed connection. Ever.

Seriously...this reminds me of some scene in some movie wherein the guy has to go and watch his best friend, who he has secretly been in love with for like 10 years, marry some other guy(wasn't that sort of the plot to 'My Best Friend's Wedding'? I digress)...which in turn always reminds me of this song about an ex-love's impending wedding.

Jude - 'I Do' MP3

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