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To the older woman watching me buying condoms - m4w

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Date: 2008-11-22, 6:10PM EST

I was the 20 something guy holding two bottles of chardonay in the condom section of the Dominick's. You were the lovely lady in her 50's peering over my shoulder as I made my selection. I was not aware of your presence until the audible gasp when I reached for a box of ribbed magnums. My date did not go exactly as planned; the wine went down ok but I forgot to use the magnums in the heat of the moment and I think I may have gotten the clap. Long story short I still have a dozen condoms left over if you are interested in going out sometime...


The National - 'All The Wine' MP3

2 Response to "Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day"

  • liz Says:

    LOL. As sacred & serious as The National is to me, I have to admit it's a perfect pairing. Well done.

  • Blair Says:

    I know, I know Liz! I wrestle everyday with my love of these songs as art in one hand, and my love of the absurd in the the end, I think the art helps to accentuate the la Craigslist!