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Date: 2008-11-20, 7:11AM EST

I may just have the perfect Dream for you. Not typical at all. Take your mind away on a fantasy all your own.

I learned massage in St Louis and Cincinnati. There I did not learn the erotic massage but not long after massaging professionally I found that most women want more. However working professionally that is not possible if I want to hold a job. So I developed the art of erotic massage through research and practice. It goes very well with a full body massage. It is truly amazing.

Casual private and Discrete, that's me. Here is how casual - I can come to your room or home and give you a "full body erotic massage" leaving you completely satisfied and relaxed. You will love it. My intension is to see you experience complete physical pleasure from head to toe.

I can even show up, not say a word, give you that total massage including an orgasm if you like and be on my way. You just let me know what you would prefer. This is especially nice for the ladies who have never experienced an orgasm. My full body erotic massage comes with an orgasm guaranteed.

A full body massage relaxes you first, it can be so relaxing it can put you to sleep and ten minutes later you feel totally rejuvenated. The reason for that is your blood circulation is greatly increased in areas massaged. While at the relaxed state where sexual arousal is introduced it is very stimulating. If you prefer, there will be no insertions of any kind. No need to tell me what feels good to you, I know what feels good. The thing is you have no need to perform for anyone. This massage is for you alone. You can even put on your headphones listen to some nice music close your eyes and imagine what where or whom ever you like.


Just a quick public service announcement - it would probably be a good idea to steer clear of guys who are offering their masseuse services on craigslist. He cleverly leaves out the part of the experience in which you are cut up into like 50 pieces and buried underneath his mom's basement.

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