Coachella 2009

What started as a trip planned out on a whim out of anxiety over turning 30 five years ago, has turned into an annual pilgrimage for me! The three day Coachella music festival is easily my favorite weekend of the year.

The dates were just released...April 17,18, and 19. See you on the Polo Field!!

Here is a tune from my friend Henry, who is also a super talented singer/songwriter from Denmark recording under the name Me And The Horse I Rode In On. He came with us last year for his first ever Coachella excursion, and was so blown away he wrote a song about it...this new song 'Indio' is available on his new EP 'Home And Other Places I'd Like To Visit'...more information on that and you can hear more of his music here, on his myspace page:

The song:

Me And The Horse I Rode In On - 'Indio' MP3

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