All The Albums I've Loved Before: "Pisces Iscariot"

I always get nostalgic this time of year. Something about the leaves falling and the air cooling just takes me back I guess. I was thinking back to that ever so brief moment in time when the Smashing Pumpkins were the biggest band on the planet. Remember when 'Melon Collie...' came out and you couldn't turn on the radio with out hearing Billy Corgan screaming at you or flip on MTV and not see the Pumpkins in video form. Good times indeed.

Anway, all of that nostalgia eventually gets me to Pisces Iscariot - which is in my opinion the best b-sides/outtakes album ever. So many great songs on here. I will post two of my favorite...SP's take on the Fleetwood Mac classic 'Landslide'...and a rocker, 'Frail And Bedazzled.'

'Landslide' MP3

'Frail And Bedazzled' MP3

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