My ode to mass transit

So...on Monday of this week I risked life and limb and hopped on the city bus to trek downtown for the Swell Season show(which was again, absolutely incredible). Anyone knows that such a trip can not be made without a weapon of mass distraction - an mp3 player. I mean one must supply one's own soundtrack to the festival of sights that ONLY a long city bus voyage can bring to light - streetwalkers, drug addicts, shady characters in all shapes and sizes - and that's just ON the bus, we don't have the time to get into what was happening on the actual streets.

Anway, here are a handful of songs that popped up via the shuffle mode during my ride that I hadn't heard forever and felt obligated to post...enjoy:

Rilo Kiley - 'The Frug' MP3

Buffalo Tom - 'My Responsibility' MP3

Creeper Lagoon - 'Dear Deadly' MP3

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