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Lone Wolf Seeks Life Mate - 18 (Bexley)

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Date: 2008-09-19, 9:53AM EDT

I AM FEMALE!!!! i know the title is kind of odd for a female to use but i hope it will get me what i want.....finaly

o.k. here it is i am going to lay it all out for you one more time, i am a slave who as the pack mentality and
belives in a higharcy of slaves. you may be asking what does that have to do with me, besides being a sub./slave
i have a strong conection with wolves
since i am pagan i found out that my animal alter ego is a pure white wolf with green eyes.
I know some of you guys are reading this going....this girl is a freak.....i may be a freak......
but i am looking for the guy who is the same way or could understand why i am so conected with wolves.


'lone wolf seeks life mate' is the funniest, most conflicted CL title I have read in a LONG time...and THEN it gets weird.

(too hard to pick JUST one song)

Josh Ritter - 'Wolves' MP3

Bonnie Prince Billy - 'Wolf Among Wolves' MP3

Bon Iver - 'The Wolves Acts I and II ' MP3

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