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What's so great about Bret Michaels? Check me out - 27 (Columbus)

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Date: 2008-09-01, 9:57PM EDT

Hey what's up pussycats I'm new to this computer thing, but I'm just here for the most awesome, fun, rockin, kickass, kinky, tight-ass-rad-sexy chick in the city- bonus points if you are heavy metal. Basically I just need a counterpart to my sleek, excellent self. Personality is my main focus, but if I look better in spandex than you (which is very possible) or if my hair looks better than yours, then I'm going to have to pass. You have to be at least hovering around my level of sexiness- it's only fair. To the extent of my knowledge, I'm free of permanent diseases and quit the hard drugs a few days ago. I like to party, rock, fuck, and have a great time, but believe it or not I'm actually smarter than the Jetta-driving, striped-shirt collar-popping, snobby, condescending, valet-demanding, arena district frequenting young professional (with heads up their asses) douchebags you'll see ravaging this city like a plague. My main goals here are to just spread the germs of Heavy Metal and rock n roll while making your life as interesting, dangerous, and entertaining as possible, but you know maybe, if you really kick alot of ass, I might not stray too much and I'll entertain and satisfy you when it's convenient. I'm also extremely sensitive and I like to listen when you're saying what I want to hear. I use commas excessively and grammatically incorrectly, but I don't really care dude they're fun. Shoot me up- I mean shoot me back something exciting loves!

xoxoxoxo muah- more tongue next time please :P


Sleater-Kinney - 'You're No Rock N Roll Fun'

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