Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #11

Russel from Stillwater parties with real Topeka people.

Obligatory 'Almost Famous' entry into this list. Even more so than the famous 'Tiny Dancer' scene, this scene, where Russel and William decide to take in some REAL Topeka nightlife, speaks to me! Maybe it's because I have always wondered what I would do if one of my favorite rock stars came to a house party I was at and got totally messed up on acid. I do know that the Neil Young song that blasts to life as he walks into the party is just the perfect soundtrack for a 1973 Kansas throwdown.

Neil Young - 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere' MP3

And a cover by...

Matthew Sweet and Susana Hoffs - 'Everbody Knows This Is Nowhere' MP3

2 Response to "Underrated Uses Of Music In Film: Episode #11"

  • Hanan Says:

    I love that scene so much more than the Tiny Dancer one.. oh, and when they're in the hotel and Bowie's cover of I'm Waiting for the Man is playing and the random guy goes "IT'S BOWIE!!!" hahaha gets me everytime

    I love Almost Famous.

  • Angelica Says:

    This is such a great movie! I loved Kate and Zooey in it and have a major crush on Patrick Fugit now. Here's a link to a live session for any Matthew Sweet fans out there: