Skeletal Lamping

OK...feel free to leave a comment and let me know which song off of the new Of Montreal record, 'Skeletal Lamping', will be used in an impending Red Lobster commercial?

Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem with band's licensing their music out for commercials...God knows in this era of file sharing the artists need to think outside of the box to make a little more cash. Some of my favorite bands, Wilco, The Black Keys, etc, have done the commercial thing, and I am more than OK with it. It's the fact that Of Montreal let Outback Steakhouse BUTCHER their tune a couple of years ago to make that annoying jingle...that I have a problem with.

But I digress...I am actually really digging the new record a lot, here is a track for you...

Of Montreal - 'ID Engager' MP3

2 Response to "Skeletal Lamping"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hey - I am the publicist for of Montreal. Thanks for the post, but can you please switch out the track you have with this...I couldn't find your email so I am posting here.

    This is the official promo/free track. Although the album has leaked, we would really love it if you could put this up instead.

    Frank/230 Publicity

  • Blair Says:

    Will do...glad to help!