Missed Connections musical dedication of the day (Comfest edition)

Deep stealth mode woman - m4t - 60 (ohio)

Reply to: pers-800048216@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-08-16, 10:02PM EDT

You are a woman in deep stealth mode and you are in search of a very straight male. It has taken a long time to establish yourself as a woman and the only thing missing is a nice man who isn't judgemental, who will accept you as you are. You may or may not be postop but that isn't the point. You operate in the mainstream of life, have no desire to socialize with or be identified as part of the gay world. Neither do I. Yet there is that uniqueness in your sexuality that only a man who is your gender counterpart, who understands and accepts, is likely to satisfy. I feel the same way.

If you are that woman, please write. If you're not that woman, pass me by.


Imperial Drag - 'Are You A Boy Or A Girl?' MP3

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