Season Of Sound

Piracy might not be the best thing ever to happen to the business side of the music industry, but it sure has helped out people like lovers who live in secondary markets.

Living most of my life in Columbus,OH I have just grown accustom to seeing some of my favorite bands, especially the European ones, skip my town while on tour. But over the last 2 or 3 years, due in large part ot file sharing I imagine, bads are having to get more and more of their money from playing live...this means lots and LOTS of shows to come to.

I don't ever remember a summer here where I actually had to DECIDE on which shows to go to...usually so few came that it was never a problem to attend all of them. This summer, however, it will be one hard choice after another...but as a long suffering music fan in smaller town, it's a problem that I for one am thrilled to have!

Here are the next 3 shows upcoming on my calendar:

The Raconteurs - 6/9
'Bang Bang' MP3
Nada Surf - 6/10
'The Film Did Not Go Round' MP3

Iron & Wine - 6/15
'The Trapeze Swinger' MP3

2 Response to "Season Of Sound"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Is this version of "The Trapeze Swinger" somewhere other than the In Good Company film soundtrack?

    I've heard the version on the iTunes-exclusive ep (which is apparently no longer available?) but I was just wondering.

  • Blair Says: far as I know that is the only place the song is available...but I am usually wrong!