On Death And Dying

Did anyone else have to read that book by Elisabeth Kübler Ross in collge? Quite possibly the longest semester of my life...but I digress.

Death is such great topic for songs. Probably because it's one of the only things that EVERYONE in the universe has in common.

I just love a good dying song every now and then. And I am not goth at all, I swear. I don't have the fashion sense to be goth. Anyway, here are three of my favorites...actually onely one of them(the Natalie Merchant song) is about death..the other two just have dying references in the title, but I love the song.

10,000 Maniacs - 'Let The Mystery Be' MP3

The Avett Brothers - 'Die Die Die' MP3

Dr. Dog - 'Die Die Die' MP3

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