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You stole my bike.. I'll give you crack for it back. - 23 (15th and High)

Reply to: pers-731380149@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-24, 6:12PM EDT

On thursday morning you stole my bike from the racks at 15th and high. It's a blue g2 arette, and worth a pretty penny if you can sell it. I'd rather give you 100$ to go buy drugs with, rather than you needlessly going to a pawn shop and having to fill out paperwork, and then getting arrested.

There's a blue superman sticker on the front of it that i got from a quarter machine, because i'm poor and a quarter machine with stickers in it filled the void of not having beer one night.

There's little clippies on it for the lights i had to buy so i could ride it safely around town. Yeah. you don't have the lights. You're riding in the dark running into crap.

That's my bike.. and the reward will go to you if you bring it back to me with puppy dog eyes. I won't even call the cops.

I hope you can afford a computer and are reading this, and i hope you want 100$.


I used to live a couple blocks away from this intersection...and I can totally relate. After the THIRD time my car was broken into(the first time they got a radio...the next two times there was literally nothing in the car but some loose change in the beverage holder) I actually left a sign taped to my car - "DOORS OPEN...PLEASE DON'T BREAK THE GLASS...HELP YOURSELF TO MY CHANGE'...that seemed to help.

The Moldy Peaches - 'Whose Got The Crack?'

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