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will u like 2 go 2 chicago? - m4w - 24 (westside)

Reply to: pers-718084148@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-12, 10:59PM EDT

ok this is the deal i will go 2 chicago tonight like 3 in the morning to be there like 9 am im goin alone i need some company i will pay 4 food and everything so if u interested send me a messege whit picture and number 2 call to be like 18 to 30 only and look good please .u u need


I have seen enough episodes of 'Cold Case Files' and 'Law And Order' to know that going to meet a complete stranger at 3 in the morning for a spur of the moment road trip to Chicago is not going to end well. We can only hope that the women of Columbus weren't rendered sensless by these HOT self portraits he included in his post.

Wilco - 'Via Chicago'

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