Paddy Casey

I am sure I have written a blurb or two about my affection for Paddy Casey's music since I have had this blog up and running, but honestly I can't remember...I mean seriously, I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday...the memory is shot, but I think I had a lot of fun causing said memory loss.

I spend a lot of time near the end of the year scouring best of lists, looking for albums that slipped by me during the preceding 12 of my favorites is the NPR 'All Songs Considered' list. They always have such eclectic picks, I pull one or two albums out of that list every year that I listen into the ground. A few years ago Paddy Casey's debut 'Amen(So Be It) was one of those records. And recently the Irish singer/songwriter just released his 3rd record, 'Addicted To Company Pt 1'.

Here is one off of the new album('Become Apart') and two off of that debut...the haunting 'Ancient Sorrow' and the beautifully James Taylor-esque 'Sweet Suburban Sky':

Paddy Casey - 'Become Apart'

'Ancient Sorrow'

'Sweet Suburban Sky'

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