Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

On the surface, this post seems like just another 'love gone wrong' rant on the Missed Connections page of Craigslist...well, ok...it IS one of those...but it's also a brilliant tactical dating move(by CL standards). Notice how he deftly gains the sympathy of the reader, then oh so subtly reaches out to the other emotionally wrecked readers of the Missed Connections for 'an honest, and caring woman'...i bet his inbox overfloweth...ingenious!


Trust is no longer there - 36 (Columbus)

I have been thinking about my future a great deal with the woman I have been in love with for a few years now. I have come to find out she has betrayed and lied to me a great deal. She has made up reasons she needed to be away from me in order to quench her thirst for sex with other men. She has stayed in a hotel with another man days after helping her get her own place and move. She has joined dating sites, and utilized this site to find men to satisfy her needs. All I have ever given her is love and support.

Are there any real, truthful, honest and caring women left in this world? I hope so, and would love to find one to make me not so cynical.


Musically today, it is like a choose your own adventure:

For the hopeful, optimistic path....here is 'Alice 'There is goood in almost everyone' Childress' from Ben Folds Five.

Ben Folds Five - 'Alice Childress'

Or for the road more jaded, some Ween.

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