Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

No intro needed...just a beautifully cynical rant


dear uterus,

i am writing in an attempt to apologize in advance for the lonely years ahead for you. before you start, let me at least state my case.

you see, i have spent many hours observing all of the things that people do. and the stupidity of humans, as it relates to the upbringing of offspring, is no longer of any surprise to me. the values that humans try to instill in their young are mute in comparison to the volume of their actions.

example: why, why, would you allow your elementary aged daughter to wear a bikini?

the point is not the sexual preditor's out there, but the sexualization of our daughters. what are girls who have no concept of sexuality yet doing in sexualized clothing?

you see, dear uterus, i can not let you begin a little girl's life if a single second of her innocence can be sexually objectified. do not get your hopes up ute, this does not mean that i want to raise a man. i wouldn't even know how to begin reversing the things he would learn during his first day of school.

can you imagine trying to teach a hormonal teenage boy about racial inequality?

a woman's right to choose?

the bush administration?


yes, i know, i don't have to do it alone. but you haven't seen what it's like on the other side of those walls(yes, that was a pun). for the most part they are emotionally or mentally handicapped. they were once little boys raised by parents who shouldn't have been parents; by women who should have had the conversation we're having right now.

oh fine, yes, great men are out there, they are doing great things, for great reasons, and not being led around by their dicks. but do you know what they are? workaholics.

yes, i could do it alone. have you any idea how hard it is to find competence in anything? the world is full of mutants; people who consume cheap disposable things for status. people who kill animals for fiscal gain. people who willingly spend hours of their life inside wal-mart.

no, uterus of mine, i am sorry that i will not know of your awe-inspiring capabilities, but it is just not our time.

it is just not our time.



Not sure why I thought of Liz Phair's 'Only Son'...but I did...the musical mind wants what the musical mind wants:

Lis Phair - 'Only Son'

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