Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

This guy is ALL class! And he sets a Craigslist record...the most bad nautical metaphors ever packed into one missed connection. Hard to believe this guy is still single.

Why weren't you at the Boat Club???? - m4w - 38

Why weren't you there last night K.T.? I better see you there tonight.

Wear something low cut, I want to see some nipple poking out.

I'll be your bow, if you be my stern.

I want to set a nautical record, the more "knots" we can make, the better.

Don't throw me overboard.

You may want to bring some Dramamine for all the rocking, and a life jacket is always suggested.

Will i be lucky enough tonight to sink my anchor?


So many obvious musical choices on this one..I couldn't limit myself to one...or even two for that matter:

Cat Power - 'Sea Of Love'

Modest Mouse - 'Dramamine'

Sun Kil Moon - 'Dramamine'

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