Audio Nostalgia: "Daughters Of The Kaos"

Does anyone remember what it was like to be a music geek before the internet age? It meant having to be REALLY resourceful when it came to seeking out new music. Or if you were me, and not so resourceful it meant relying on MTV and 120 Minutes. I think that show was the first time I started to hear rumblings of this new all girl group signed to the Beastie Boys 'Grand Royal' label.

This band of course, was Luscious Jackson. As soon as I heard this song I went out and tracked down the "In Search Of Manny" EP. 'Daughters Of The Kaos' was one of those songs that I tortured ALL of my friends to by making them(any of them unfortunate to come into my path for the month or so after I got the Ep) listen to the track OVER and OVER again.

Luscious Jackson - 'Daughters Of The Kaos'

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