Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

I had to pick this one. The person posting was SO brave to admit to those songs as 'their songs'...God bless her.


Your Birthday 3/16, - 41

We always had so much fun together and thought I love would be 4ever, although you had it in your head what if with her, now are you wondering what if without me being in your life, since you are divorced. You are still in my head, obviously you are suppose to be that is why you are in there. Our songs: Whitney Houston I will always love you, Elton John something about the way you looked tonight, Atlantic Star Secret Lovers. I sure do miss you.....I hope life is treating you very well these days. Have you been back to Myrtle Beach looking at the moon and think of me like you did before, those days were some of the happiest days of my life spending them with you. I still have everything you ever gave me. I will be keeping them to the day I die. What about the log cabin, new built house, Jack's steakhouse, just to name a few, yes, I carry the list everyday in my purse. As I said years ago, you will always be in my heart.


'Certain Songs' really do get scratched into our souls...

The Hold Steady - 'Certain Songs'

3 Response to "Missed Connections musical dedication of the day"

  • Gryphon Says:

    i was just looking through hypem.com and came across your blog there. i saw you like the hold steady, ryan adams and steve earle to name a few and was hoping i could get you to take a listen to my bands myspace. the url is www.myspace.com/gryphonsmusic. thought you might like to give gryphon a try and maybe comment about it on your blog if it's not too much trouble. any feedback would be much appreciated. thanks.


  • Anonymous Says:

    shit. how not to sound like a... i dunno, dork? groupie? sycophant? whatever, I figger that ship's probably already sailed. Anywho, I really like this post. That painful, Bridges of Madison County sentimentality would be hysterical if it wasn't so sincere. I hope, somewhere, right now there's a single figure walking on the Grand Strand with a list clinched in his hand - reciting the words like a prayer, "log cabin, new built house, Jack's steakhouse..."

  • Blair Says:

    God bless Craigslist,eh? Entertaining millions through other people's drama...a beautiful thing!

    Thanks for reading :-)