Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

I think this guy just blew what ever chance he had with this girl by accidentally insulting her occupation...not so smooth.


Lovely blond girl working at The Soldiery

I'm sure you get hit on all the time by the guys hanging out there. No worries. I'm not a regular, so please don't get creeped out.

My question is this: Seriously, you are smoking hot. Not just attractive, but jaw-droppingly gorgeous. What the hell are you doing working in a store that sells Dungeons and Dragons books?

Seeing you there was like finding a rose in the middle of a sewer. Not that there's anything wrong with Dungeons and Dragons or the people who play it, of course.

This mystery will haunt me until my dying day.


Smashing Pumpkins ' 'Geek USA'

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