Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

Behold the amazing power that is seeing what you want to see, and all hail the magical ability to believe things really happened the way you perceived them to happen...for these are the things that keep the 'missed connections' section full every day!(and on a side note, these people who always append their posts with "please respond with 'FILL IN THE SPECIFIC' so that I know that it was you"...just how many replies are they expecting??)


To the flirty barrista chick - m4w - 35

Well it has been about 6 weeks now. It was a Sunday, Hampton Inn elevator, you were going up to your parents room with a couple of bags of coffee. We chatted a bit, then arrived at my floor.

I am in Monday night this week, want to grab a bite? Glass of wine? Let me know why your parents were in that weekend so I know it was you.



Today's musical selection is sort of a general anthem for ALL missed connections, but it works really well on this one.

Wolf Parade - 'I'll Believe In Anything'

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