Old home town anthem...Take 2

Howlin Maggie were the biggest band in Columbus during my formative years as a music lover. Great power pow with elemnts of funk and some more experimental stuff mixed in...signed to a major they released one great album, Honeysuckle Strange and were subsequently dropped...but will always have a special place in my heart. Here is a cut off of the Beautiful Girls soundtrack called 'Easy To Be Stupid'


2 Response to "Old home town anthem...Take 2"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Howlin' Maggie ruled! They had a second album called "Hyde" which is also excellent. HM was Happy Chichester's band - he is still active and just released a great solo album. Check it all out at www.happychichester.com

  • Blair Hook Says:

    Ha! I like that record too...I actually saw Happy play a little bar called the Rhumba Cafe back in Columbus last month when I was in Columbus for the holidays!! Good times, good times ;-)

    I need to check out his latest solo record...thanks for the link!