All the albums I have loved before: "Mirrorball"

When two of the loves of my musical life converged on record in 1995, Neil Young and Pearl Jam for the collaborative LP 'Mirror Ball'...I was a happy young man. Seeing as how Pearl Jam are influenced SO heavily by Crazy Horse era Neil Young, the album was a natural fit. Young handled most of the songwriting and all of the vocals(save a brief cameo by Ed Vedder on one track.)

Here are two cuts. The antemic 'Act of Love', which Pearl Jam took to playing live frequently during tours during the mid 90's and the sprawling 'I'm The Ocean.'




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  • Neil Cake Says:

    Criminally underrated Neil Young album. It was in fact the record that introduced me to Neil Young, and effectively made me who I am today - for better or worse. Better, I think. My record collection is certainly better. And bigger.