The Darjeeling Limited

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It is true, I was sadly left webless for the past week, but in order to pass the time I was able to catch up on some movies...if you don't mind I will give you my brief two cents on 'The Darjeeling Limited' and 'Juno'...with musical tie-ins of course.


'The Darjeeling Limited'

Seeing a Wes Anderson movie is like visiting an old friend that never really changes at the core, but sometimes has some interesting mood swings. I went into this film a little apprehensive after 'The Life Aquatic' but was quickly put at ease by the opening short film serving as the first act.

You can count on certain things in Anderson movies, and it doesn't matter how many times you have seen them they still make you the obligatory Wes Anderson slow motion scenes, the obligatory Kinks song, the obligatory Rolling Stones song, the obligatory Bill Murray role(no matter how small) and the obigatory dysfunctional romantic relationships.

What a great film, I am still mad at myself that it took me so long to see it...there used to be a day when I would never miss going to see one of my favorite director's newest flick on opening night...doesn't happen so much anymore though. I digress.The story basically revolves around the lives of three brothers in three vastly different places in their lives, but all affected in a HUGE way by their familial past. Owen Wilson as the eldest, has taken it upon himself to reunite the three via a spiritual quest of sorts in India. All three of the 'brothers' were outstanding, especially Jason Schwartzman(who cowrote the movie as well),Adrien Brody plays the dreaded middle child...even Wilson, who has annoyed me more and more latelty, was excellent.

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