All The Albums I've Loved Before: "Tim"

I have to come clean on this one. I got to the Replacements party WAY late. But considering that I was nine when this album came out in 1985, don't judge me TOO harshly. Part of it was do to my sheltered musical life growing up in hip hop and metal obsessed Columbus, Ohio and some of it has to do with my lack of a social life. I just didn't know stuff like this even existed. I vaguely remember the 'speaker' videos playing REALLY late at night on MTV, but for years that was my only exposure to the Replacements.

But once I finally ememrged from high school and into the real world, a brave new musical world opened up for me! And The Replacements record 'Tim' was one of the first albums I latched onto! Songs like "Bastards Of The Young", "Left Of The Dial", and my all time favorite Paul Westerberg penned tune, "Here Comes A Regular" are just amazing tracks that totally stand the test of time.




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