All The Albums I've Loved Before: 'Sound Of Lies - The Jayhawksz (1997)

Every once and awhile I like to drift down memory lane in blog form, and revisit an album that has left an impression on me over the years. 'Albums That I've Loved Before' serves has my own personal album Hall Of Fame'. The only real criteria I attempt to adhere to is that the record be at least 5ys old. I figure if I still want to tell people about it 5yrs after its release, it's worth a paragraph or two at least.

'Tomorrow The Green Grass' will always be my favorite Jayhawks album, its just gorgeous, but with every passing year 'Sound Of Lies' makes up a little ground. It is the follow up to 'TTGG' and is sort of a transition into a more pop influenced sound. It's an interesting progression to listen to the first real Jayhawks LP 'Hollywood Town Hall' then 'TTGG' then 'SOL'...each set of songs loses just a little more of that alt-country twang. Not that that is all bad...songs like 'The Man Who Loved Life', 'Sixteen Down', and 'Big Star' are all great tracks. I can honestly say that I like every track on this record. But be warned, 'Bottomless Cup' and 'Stick In The Mud' are absolute heart breakers...I know, me liking sad songs...SHOCKING!




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