CL'missed connections' muscial dedication o'the day

Wow...almost 10yrs on and our hero is still carrying a torch for his missed connection...I feel his pain though, the 'right girl at the wrong time' has been a recurring motif in my life. Best of luck my friend...I am keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending :-)

Jerrilyn, a Missed Connection in 1999 - m4w


1998-99: I was in LA on a consulting assignment, and bought something in your shop. You'll remember me as dark-haired, moustached and tall. We talked, went to dinner and even though I was involved with someone else in another city, we became close until just before I left town in early 1999.

There isn't a day that goes by without my thinking of you, your elegance, your wonderful mind, your amazing smile, and what a fool I was not to stay here with you. I'm finally back in LA, but your store is gone, and I haven't been able to find you.

Should you see this, and if you'll accept my apology, I'd welcome the chance to begin again.


P.S. And so I'll know it's you:
1) Where did you spend New Years Eve without me in 1998?
2) What was the name of your shop, what street was it on and what did you sell?
3) What was the last thing you said to me in our last telephone conversation?

Upon reading this post, the New Pornographers 'Challengers' sprang to mind...or at least one specific lyric I am going to go with that as my musical selection...

'you live with someone...i live with somebody too'



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