CL missed connections musical dedication o'the day

Ah...a nostalgic CL dedication today. I don't think I have seen one Waffle House since moving from Columbus to Los Angeles! IT does my heart(if not my appetite) good to know that there is one somewhere in this huge city. Oh, the many, MANY drunken nights we sobered up at Waffle Houses over really bad food back in C-bus...good times, good times.


Waffle House - w4m

Just got back from visiting my mom. She took me and the little guy to see a crystal cave in Tuscon. I saw the Waffle House sign. I was thinking of you a lot. I said a prayer for your brother.

I know you're gone. I know this isn't healthy. But I love you anyways.


So for the musical portion of the program, I will go with Columbus' local hero Tim Easton!

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