All The Albums I Have Loved Before: 'Sweet Oblivion'

Mark Lanegan could probably sing names out of the phone book and I would be blown away. His gravelly voice has always been one of my favorites...and it is aging SO well. You will know what I mean if you listen to his latest project, Soulsavers. But I digress. Today I dusted off 1992's 'Sweet Oblivion.'

Such a great time capsule record. I press play and its like I am transported back to the days when Abercrombie & Fitch were selling flannel shirts and jeans with holes in them, yes...the grunge years.

'Nearly Lost You', 'Dollar Bill', and my all time favorite Trees track, the album ending 'Julie Paradise' are my favorites off of this one...but the entire disc is pretty spectacular...just watch out for that flashback jet lag.



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