I was bored so I started a blog

True story. Three years ago, out of boredom and a job that had the perfect storm of unfettered web access and an unhealthy amount of down time, I started this blog. And it's been a lot of fun and I have met some incredible music loving people along the way.

But now it seems that all of the fun of music blogging as sort of been sucked out of the process. My only goal with this thing was to share some songs I love with friends, both old and not yet made. About one out of every three songs I post now gets flagged and removed by one watchdog group or another. I think the game is really changing. Music blogging as a hobby is getting harder and harder to do. I have never put a single dime into my blog, nor have I made a single cent on it ...it's always just been a splendid distraction. But when the distractions start to lose their fun, then maybe it's time to try something new? I think so.

So I am not officially closing the blog down...just not going to be posting here anymore for awhile. Taking a very long,open ended leave of absence from this little corner of cyberspace. I plan on setting up a Tumblr account for my Craigslist missed connections dedications. Those will NEVER NOT be fun! And the ease of use and simple layout of Tumblr would be perfect for that sort of insanity. Ill post the link to the new endeavor here whenever I get around to setting it up.

Signing off with a couple of new tunes from some albums that aren't quite released yet...just to stick it to the MAN one last time!

* LCD Soundsystem - 'I Can Change' MP3

* Wolf Parade - 'Little Golden Age' MP3

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