Craigslist Musical Dedication

Brandon: if by chance you see

this I mean you - 20

(OSU campus)

Date: 2010-04-07, 2:16AM EDT

Well I would expect you to read this since this is where you first emailed me from. When I got your message I honestly wasn't enthused you weren't my type but when you asked me to the movies I really wanted to go that weekend it's kind of ironic in a way. Your sense of humor was off a little but I liked it you made me smile and I thought you were amazing and I really don't know why it was something about you that I liked. Afer the movie we went back to my room and had a few drinks and I honestly thought we had fun but I guess I was wrong. I texted you the next day and got no respond until you realized you had forgot your charger and you needed it for work monday. You brought your friend with you which I didn't understand I guess it was for him to judge me but I don't know because I haven't heard from you since then which I think is kind of messed up something would have been better than nothing but I guess that's all it was to you...nothing. I doubt you see this or even care but I just wanted to say I thought you were great and have a nice life


And there you have it. In one long, rambling paragraph. The star-crossed love affair between Brandon and this CL girl. It's true, the brightest flames burn the quickest.

* REM - 'So. Central Rain' MP3

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