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F*CK It babe-Intended 4


a.k.a. C.C. (Finally there)

Date: 2010-04-02, 1:33AM EDT

I gotta walk on this one, sorry. I feel like a fool for letting it go on this long but now enough is enough it's closure time...Since you will not come out and be honest then I will be honest for the both of us...


Well, I have to admit that u actually f*cked me up, not us, me...U led me on with deep emotional sh*t when u should have just been open with me and u could have seen whoever but to lead me on and play like your the saint, well enough said, I'm burned out.


Oh yea, while your still loving you I am still loving life...Just come out and say whats on your mind, who cares anyway, it would just help me get over this sh*t alot quicker and for good but i'll do it on my own.



But wait....he wasn't quite finished

re:F*CK it babe-Mind f*cked?..

Date: 2010-04-02, 1:52AM EDT

I would say that u r the best at trying to mind f*ck other people or me anyway...Please disregard that letter...Maybe in another life time...Good night I will never love you...


U made your choice and u actually have the nerve to try to rub it in my face but are to much of a coward to just say it which would be a blessing for me because I would be brand new instantly and u would be forgotten within seconds which now it will take hours but who cares as long as u and everything that u have ran on me and about u is behind me for good.

Hint: Your a front(Courtney a.k.a. C.C.)



What an awesome display of relationship melodrama! I also love how he, the guy posting his venomous rant on Craigslist, calls her a coward. Brilliant.

* Mike Ness - 'Don't Think Twice' MP3

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