Craigslist Musical Dedication - Coachella 2010 Edition

Coachella - Spoon - m4w - 26


Date: 2010-04-20, 5:21PM PDT

I think I fell in love with you at Spoon. Granted, I barely said a word to you and I was in love with everybody at the festival and I couldn't even feel my hands at the time because I had just taken the best E of my life... That show was amazing! Right? And Thom Yorke afterwards? I should have pulled it together and at least attempted to flirt with you. But this is what happens when Im rolling. I think pure thoughts and dance with myself. Haha. Awesome weekend!


"I was in love with everybody at the festival" - I love drugs. See how much better the world is when people are on drugs?

* Spoon - 'The Way We Get By' MP3

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