Coachella Artists O'the Day: 60 Days To Go

I took a nice little weekend break from the internet for the most part, so I missed a couple of days in my quest to post a Coachella artist a day until the festival. So, today I am playing catch up. It's a dance tent triple feature.

I am gonna come clean here. See, I am a 30-something guy from Ohio who once dislocated his knee why dancing(true story) to say that I have limited knowledge of electronica or dance music would be a huge understatement. I am club music illiterate. I do, however, always make a point to pay a visit to the Sahara tent at least a couple of times a year, just because the people watching there is off the charts.

In posting these three songs from these three artists, I remind you again that I have NO clue what is about to come through your speakers.

* Hadouken! - 'Turn The Lights Out' MP3

* Major Lazer - 'Hold The Line' MP3

* Infected Mushroom - 'Smashing The Opponet' MP3

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