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bright eyes revisited - w4m

Date: 2010-01-21, 11:23PM EST

"Turn around, bright eyes" the original post was from me to this one guy. However, my name starts with L. Do I think that I am the "L", that is being missed on our missed connections? no. Do I think that any of these bright eyes posts are in response to mine? no. The sad thing is, that it's not too hard for me. I've got a pocket full of gentlemen callers if I want them. But I don't, because no one (until recently) has made me feel...... "that" and I guess it's "that" that I'm looking for.

I am addicted to the missed connections, and not really because I think I'll ever see myself on here. But because it gives me a little hope that a new romance is being created. If I were to ever see someone seeking me here, I don't even know if it'd come off as romantic, or desperate, or creepy. So, I ask myself, what am I? Romantic, desperate, or creepy. Obsessed probably. Obsessed with the idea that my bright eyes guy feels his total eclipse, or that "L" is really me..... obsessed with feeling different than I do now. I guess that's it. We all just want to feel something different than we feel when we are alone.

If romance that is not creepy does exist, then I will say, that on Saturday, singing along really made me feel the "that" I've been craving, and I really want to see where "this"goes. If you think that you are him, and I am her, then let me know you've been thinking about me too. Not here, on craig's place, maybe through my book, or electronic mail...... we'll both act like we didn't look for "it" on missed connections.


* She & Him - 'Sweet Darlin' MP3

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