Craigslist Musical Dedication

$5.00 Footlong?? - m4m

(Tussing Rd. at Brice Rd.)

Date: 2010-01-11, 8:39AM EST

I was at the Subway on Sunday night and you waited on me. You looked to be in your twenties, light brown in color, and possibly foreign (although you had no accent). You gave me my receipt and said I had 200 points. You said for 200 points I could have anything in the store, including you!! I am interested in seeing if you have a $5.00 footlong! Reply if interested descibing who you were working with so I know it is you.


This is the worst food innuendo EVER, and deserves nothing less than the worst food innuendo song ever. You sir, are not only creepy, but you have no all. Again, sorry for the song...but it was called for...I promise to get back to the regularly scheduled good music as soon as possible.

* Adam Sandler - 'Food Innuendo Guy' MP3

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