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My broken heart on display...

- m4w - 24

Date: 2010-01-04, 8:23PM EST

The Sun & The Moon

Our liaison was celestial & our aspirations well beyond this sphere...

You admired how high I stood above the earth and the majestic crown on my head. Your breathe taken away by my shining golden armor. I could do no wrong as my sword fought valiantly to defend you and my arms were your sanctuary.

I think of your pale beauty. Your smile so comforting that I find peace and rest. Your eyes lighting the night sky all the while shrouded in your cape of clouds. From a top your head your circlet setting the night on fire. In so many ways you illuminated my life. You looked on me with favor and I was on your highest pedestal.

I still beam brightly as I remember those times...
I fear though that winter has come and that our warmth has fled this place.
My kingdom has been taken from me now.

I no longer shine so brightly to you, and as my cold tears fall to the ground below...
my once proud armor has become tarnished.

I have failed you my love.
I did not rise as I should have... and now this deposed king will chase you to the ends of his once glorious and lofty empire and hope one day that our hearts might eclipse once more...

But for now my love it is winter and it is a long journey to complete this course I must make...
I only hope to find you waiting for me when I arrive.

I love you my dear...

I will be there soon

This is the sad story of the Sun & the Moon


He is the J.R.R. Tolkien of bad emo poetry.

* The National - 'Fake Empire' MP3

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