Craigslist Musical Dedication

To the one

that's posting MC's

with the motive

of sabotage - m4w - 22

(you can't stop me AC! FU)

Date: 2009-12-17, 4:51PM CST

who ever it is that's posting irrelavent listings in order to make someone else think its me bad mouthing, FU. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Its not that easy to make me look bad because I already have emailed my feelings towards the person I would like to be involved with and if that one special lady reads this "C" know that I'm not writing lashing posts towards you. Its some other "girl" that acts like she is someone else but on the inside she's the one that puts holes in her bedroom wall! I'm the good guy in this missed connection, so lil girl stop trying to ruin something that you want abolished so bad, and your greed is not acceptable. So lil girl the reason why I would like to carry on my days with the special lady is not because I want, andnot because I need, but because she is golden and I can tell she is real. I can sense the fake in you lil girl, so CK don't believe all the nonsense posted lashings. I do truly love you for the women you are, and I know you will contact me when the time is right, I don't change feelings like I do cars. Cars are just a material item that cannot compare to genuine attributes. I will be here patienlty waiting for your response. Until then you crazy lil girl that doesn't have the mindframe I want to share with... I have my two middle figers up with my mouth saying FU, go FK yourself, because that's all your going to get. Remember CK I'm will be here for you when your ready and have things figured out. I miss you and I know are connection isn't missed its just waiting to come alive at the right moment, just keep paying attention because I have here for you whatever you need, I'm here for you. Again the lil girl that's posting these ignorant fractions of crap!!! FU!! In big red letters!!!!!


This one actually made me feel bad for the English language...

* Rainer Maria - 'Catastrophe' MP3

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