Craigslist Musical Dedication

i know you cheated...

because now i have herpes.

- w4m (columbus)

Date: 2009-12-10, 11:24PM EST

i've had god knows how many blood tests this year for different reasons. yet this is the first
to come back positive for herpes, or any other STD for that matter. so yes, i know you cheated.
we never used condoms, so its not like i just got unlucky and caught you during an outbreak.
your a liar AND a cheater. wow. you're just the whole package, huh? oh and i know you stole
from them. probably stole from the last guy you roomed with too, maybe thats the reason he left.
you're just a total asshole and i can have you thrown in jail if i really wanted to. but i'll let you suffer
at your shitty job, while living in the most horrible part of town.

oh, and the herpes, i can live with it! because i have MEDICAL INSURANCE. i can get MEDICATION.
and i have. i also met a really great guy that isn't bothered by the herpes, because HE DOESN"T MIND

you know, you had it REALLY good. i bought you shit. gave you a family. listened to you when you
bitched and moaned about different things. i had sex with you whenever you wanted, shit, even while
i was on my damn period! i did just about everything i could for you. i hope you get shot and then suffer
a horrible, slow, painful death.

merry christmas! love yah!


* Local Natives - 'Warning Sign' MP3

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