2009: One last time around - "Dylan's Hard Rain"

I am not going to do a long, windy post about my musical 2009. I am just feeling especially scattered these days, and the idea of putting ANY kind of list together seems like it would feel a bit forced. And besides, there are thousands of just such lists out there if that's what your looking for...go crazy!

Instead, I am just going to spend these precious remaining days of 2009 and dedicate them to some of the songs that made the last 365 days pretty outstanding. I have already listed 28 of my favorite in mix tape form, you can find that playlist on the sidebar of the blog, but these songs are most definitely worthy of a second listen.

The first one that comes to mind, Ryan Bingham's 'Dylan's Hard Rain' off of his
Roadhouse Sun album from '09.

* Ryan Bingham - 'Dylan's Hard Rain' MP3

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