Craigslist Musical Dedication

It kills me...

Date: 2009-11-12, 4:09PM EST

To think of us being pastence, I really don't think of us being pastence but it seems like you do and I have to respect that but if I can help it at all I want to try to win your confidence back because you meant the world to me and still do as far as I'm concerned. Sure, I lust for you but when I lust for you it is completely not just physically, I lust for everything about you and hopefully one day that will include your love again...


What I feel for you will never end even if you don't want to make up I will always have feelings for you...


It kills me too, because this has to be one of my favorite spelling/grammatical errors ever. I like his version better though, "pastence" is just so much easier on the eyes.

* Pearl Jam - 'Present Tense' MP3

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